MyJouleBox is a Panafrican group, created in 2012, distributing, installing and operating high-quality solar power systems.

Launched by a duo of French-Beninese entrepreneurs, the company operates through its subsidiaries ARESS in Benin and the rest of the region.

Operating profitably since its inception, the company has developed an extensive experience as an installer and operator of a wide range of off-grid solar solutions, from solar home systems to self-consumption solutions for peri-urban households and SMEs, including large-scale energy storage systems for commercial and industrial customers.

The company has also embarked on the deployment of mini-grids in rural areas since 2021, materialized by the 12 minigrids deployed by Les Soleils du Bénin with its partners Neot Capital and GDS international.

Founders: Paul Berthomieu et Léonide Sinsin
Year: 2012
Secteur : Decentralized systems, minigrids
Fund: Gaia Energy Impact Fund II
Area: Afrique de l’Ouest