With candi, solar becomes accessible for SME in emerging countries where the electricity grid is expensive and not reliable

candi is a dedicated solar installer, financier and operator across India and South-Africa. Combining the best of its Swiss roots and extensive local presence, candi offers SMEs/companies the simplest, most efficient way to take advantage of solar power for their business.

candi offers its customers a fully financed, zero upfront and zero maintenance cost solution wrapped in highly simplified yet bankable “save-to-own” contracts providing guaranteed savings from day 1 while transferring long-term asset ownership.

Through its automated tools, risk asset management software and technical financial innovation, candi has created technological solutions and wrapped those into pioneering products that not only meet the needs of the market but ensure industry best practices are met.

Founder: Philippe Flamand
Year: 2017
Sector: C&I
Fund: Gaia Energy Impact Fund II
Zone : India and South Africa
Site: www.candi.solar